Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

I am sad that my dad has to go back to Iran. But what can you do? It is life. More on the family drama later :)
My brother had Fourth of July off this year, which is great, it usually doesn't happen that way!
I always like to plan the Fourth a month ahead and rent a boat for 8-10 people for the fireworks. This year, no one really said for sure they wanted to go and of course on the day of, everyone was wondering about the boat. Typical in-laws!
Luckily the hubby was able to pull some strings and we went on a yacht, which was $70 per person, but we ended up paying $10 per person...YEAH! Turns out they we filming a reality show about nurses on the yacht! It was certainly fun to watch and I made a Persian friend! Yup, I am half Persian myself, but find it very difficult to be friends with the Persians that live in my community due to the fact that I cannot stand materialism or being fake. Many Persians are amazing, hard working people, but not all of them.
Anyways, the yacht was great! The weather was amazing! However, it was from 1 pm to 4 pm and we still had plenty of time to figure out where we wanted to eat and where we want to watch the fireworks.
We all decided on Pita Jungle, which I had never been to.Hubby ordered a pizza that was a special and my father in law ordered a shrimp dish that was fantastic. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of my wrap, but here are a couple of photos from the restaurant:
The Pizza - with ground beef

The Shrimp Dish - spicy but oh so good!

Hubby and I :)
We then decided to go to Newport Beach for the fireworks. It was windy, but gorgeous!
I was kinda cold LOL

The perfect moment to capture!

Just chilling! Love my Samsung Galaxy S4!!! It takes THE BEST pictures!

I call him my "HAJI"!!! Love!

And then we were off to Huntington Beach for a better view to the fireworks, which I have no pictures of, since I decided to just watch and enjoy rather than take pictures. Figured, there will be enough pictures online :)

Happy Fourth!